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Biomedical Photonics Network: A section of the SSOM

The field of Biomedical Photonics is currently booming and many new applications are envisioned. To foster this development an interdisciplinary group of researchers, who are active in this field, has decided to found the Biomedical Photonics Network (BMPN) as an interdisciplinary section of the SSOM.
Biomedical Photonics involves experimental, diagnostic and therapeutic optical methods for medicine and biology. It uses light or imaging systems to determine the normal and/or pathologic properties of cells, tissues, organs and organisms in medicine and biology.


Objectives of the Biomedical Photonics Network

Enhancement of interdisciplinary collaboration

Enhanced transfer of research to industry

Optical trapping of dielectric spheres

Perfusion of the brain: Path of light through the head

Optical imaging sensor for brain

Tissue for tumor irradiation in photodynamic therapy

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